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 speedClock 3.1 - The leading iPhone and iPad speed radar gets even better

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PostSubject: speedClock 3.1 - The leading iPhone and iPad speed radar gets even better   Wed Oct 05, 2011 8:38 am

speedClock 3.1 for iPhone and iPad is a new version of the unique speed radar and
range finder app. speedClock makes it easy to measure the speed of cars, boats,
skaters, skiers, cyclists, running dogs, models, tennis serves, baseball pitches, football
free-kicks, etc. Just hold up your iPhone, and the app measures the speed of any
object passing the screen using the video camera as motion sensor. The distance to
the object can be entered before, or after, the measurement, or be taken from object

New is a second, complementary speed measurement tool. A short video is recorded
and through some sophisticated image analysis the moving object is isolated and
enhanced. This addition means that speedClock now can analyze the speed of
anything that can be recorded by the iPhone video camera.

speedClock also has two complimentary distance tools: One is an optical rangefinder
that uses the size of a known object (e.g. the height of a person) to calculate the
distance. In the other tool the user enters his height and then tilts the device to exactly
match the horizontal line on the screen with the point on the ground to be measured.

speedClock feature Highlights:
* Accurately measure speed in m/s, km/h, mph, ft/s or knots
* Calculate and display distances in meters or feet
* Video motion-sensing automatically measures speed
* Sensitivity controls for optimal measurement in difficult conditions
* Carry a miniature radar gun and range finder in your pocket
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speedClock 3.1 - The leading iPhone and iPad speed radar gets even better
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